What  The Family and Youth Law Center (FYLAW) Can Do


  • Attorneys and trained law students from the Family and Youth Advocacy Center can provide legal information, educational materials, and assistance if you want to represent yourself in certain types of court proceedings.
  • We can help you identify, understand, and complete the forms you will probably need for your case.
  • We can refer you to other legal resources and options.
  • We provide forms and information on this website that will help you with custody cases, including unwed parent custody, third-party custody, and grandparent powers of attorney.
  • We offer a “warm-line” telephone service that you may call once we receive your referral to set an appointment with one of our clinical staff to discuss your case and get assistance with forms that you need to fill out. This number is provided by the Court after a qualifying referral is received.
  • We may provide additional help to people with needs that are unable to be met at the Coshocton County Juvenile Court’s monthly Family Law Clinic due to complexity of issues or time constraints.

What The Family and Youth Law Center (FYLaw) Can’t Do


  • The Self-Help Site staff can’t give you legal advice. 
  • The staff can’t tell you whether or not you should sue someone, and we can’t refer you to any specific attorney or law firm.
  • The staff can’t give you an opinion about your case, or predict how the judge might rule in your case.
  • The staff can’t talk to the judge on your behalf, and we can’t tell you what exact words you should use in your court forms or at a court hearing.
  • There is no attorney-client privilege or confidentiality in relation to any information shared with a Site staff member.
  • The staff can’t complete referral paperwork to determine if you qualify for the services of the Family & Youth Advocacy Center.  You must contact Coshocton County Juvenile Court at 740-622-8969 and ask for Pro Se Information.
  • Once a referral is received by The Family and Youth Law Center, we will contact you via telephone to provide assistance over the phone if possible. An on-site meeting may be scheduled in the future if needed to provide additional assistance.


Click on the “Forms” link above to view forms that you may need in your case.
For general information on court proceedings and how to represent yourself, Click on the “Court Basics” link above. 

For local Family Law Clinic dates, click on the “Family Law Clinic” tab.


The information provided by Site staff or on this website is not intended to substitute for legal advice given by an attorney.
Site users are encouraged to speak with an attorney before taking legal action.