2019 Competition Questions


QUESTION: Can you please tell me when the Rules were posted? 

ANSWER: The rules were posted on the moot court website in July 2018.


QUESTION: Do our competitors write for Petitioner or Respondent?

ANSWER:  The rules for the competition lay this out. I have cut and pasted from the Rules. This topic is covered in Article Seven-Briefs-Paragraph 1 found on page(s) 4/5.  If you are competing as an individual team you may write a brief on either side. If there are two teams from the same school, there must be a brief for each side completed. Hope this helps. I have included our tech person in this email. She typically posts any questions and answers for posting to the website. I would ask that she does so with this question and answer to help all teams that may have a similar question.

Article Seven Briefs

  1. A team may choose to write its brief on behalf of the Petitioner or Respondent.  If two teams from the same school enter the competition, one team must submit a Petitioner’s Brief and one team must submit a Respondent’s Brief.


If you have any questions or need further explanation, please contact us at mootcourt@law.capital.edu.