Our Legal Advice Services


Hotline phone number: (614) 236-7236



We provide legal advice to those without an attorney in the following situations:

Parents receiving addiction treatment anywhere in Ohio. We cannot serve parents who have an open or substantiated case of child abuse or neglect 

  • Made possible through a grant from the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund

Custody matters for low-income people without legal representation, living in the 30 counties served by Southeastern Ohio Legal Services.

  • Made possible through a subcontract with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services

Ohioans aged 16-24 who were ever in foster care, or involved with Child Welfare or Juvenile Court. 

  • Made possible through a grant awarded by the Supreme Court of Ohio.


If you know someone who could use this kind of legal advice, have that person give us a call. 

And, please keep this number handy:  (614) 236-7236.