Our Legal Advice Services


FYLaw is proud to announce new initiatives to provide legal advice over the phone and other digital media.

 Hotline phone number: (614) 236-7236



We can now provide these services to these populations:

  • Legal advice for parents receiving addiction treatment anywhere in Ohio.
    • Made possible through a grant from the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund
  • Legal advice on custody matters for low-income pro se litigants living in the 30 counties served by Southeastern Ohio Legal Services.
    • Made possible through a subcontract with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services
  • Legal advice for Ohioans representing themselves in court on family law matters.
    • Made possible through a grant from the Ohio State Bar Foundation

 Hotline phone number: (614) 236-7236



Starting in spring, we will also provide:

  • Matching adult advocates/mentors with Franklin County youth in the court’s Diversion program,
    • Through a subgrant with the Franklin County Juvenile Court.
  • Advice and direct legal services, and referrals for social services, for young parents in the custody or community control of the Ohio Department of Youth Services.
    • Through a subgrant with the Ohio Department of Youth Services.


FYLaw provides these services to further our Mission to support positive outcomes for children, youth, and families.  With these services, FYLaw hopes to

  • Prevent child abuse by reducing its number-one predictor: drug or alcohol misuse by a parent,
  • Help parents and other adults resolve their problems and custody agreements without exposing children to bickering, hostility, and even being asked to choose sides , and
  • Help people become prepared if they intend to represent themselves in court,
    • which helps not only the individual, but helps the Court maintain an organized flow.


Programs that will start later in the year will:

  • Allow trained adults to help young people navigate the challenges that lead to truancy, other status offenses, minor misdemeanors, and repeating conduct that led to a first-time minor misdemeanor;
  • Provide legal advice and direct legal services that will help to maintain relationships between young fathers and their children, so the relationships- and appropriate role-modeling- can continue after the end of juvenile incarceration and parole.

If you know someone who could use this kind of legal advice, have that person give us a call. 

And, please keep this number handy:  (614) 236-7236.