Exciting Announcement - FYLaw begins telephone advice services


Telephone Advice Services

FYLaw has received several grants and contracts to provide legal advice over the phone, Skype, and other electronic media.  In so doing, FYLaw will expand its reach further across the State of Ohio, and will give law students even more opportunity to interact with clients and obtain experience researching family law issues.

Beginning in January, FYLaw will proudly provide these services

  • Legal advice on family law matters for parents receiving treatment for addictions and other substance use disorders (through a grant from the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund),
  • Legal advice on custody matters for adults who live in 30 Ohio counties served by the Southeast Ohio Legal Services, and who intend to represent themselves to obtain custody of a child (through a subcontract with Southeast Ohio Legal Services),
  • Legal advice on civil law matters for Ohio residents living below 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (through a grant with the Ohio State Bar Foundation),
  • Legal advice and services for parents in the custody of the Ohio Department of Youth Services (through a subcontract with DYS).

FYLaw continues to provide telephone advice and direct services for people aged 16-24, who were ever involved with foster care, Child Welfare, or Juvenile Justice, through a contract with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

If you would like a client to speak with a lawyer, to get some advice at no cost, call (614) 236-7236.